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Legal Services

  • Corporate Law

    Counseling on the establishment and management of foreign and domestic companies. Registration in the Central Registry of Business Entities. Consultations, preparation of statutory documents and other company documents, development of commercial contracts, drafting legal due diligence reports, creditors’ voluntary liquidation etc.


  • Labour Law

    Consultations on labour relations; drawing up all types of labour agreements, termination of labour agreements; obtaining temporary residence and work permits for foreigners, establishment of trade unions, drafting collective agreements etc.

  • Dispute Resolution

    Labour disputes, property disputes, disputes between companies, bankruptcy proceedings, claims for damages, family and inheritance disputes, disputes regarding intellectual property rights, disputes regarding tax law, representation in enforcement proceedings etc.

  • Criminal & Misdemeanor Law

    Representation in criminal and misdemeanor proceedings before all courts and regional misdemeanor authorities in Montenegro. Protection of the rights of defendants, as well as representation of damaged natural and legal persons.

We have experience in:

  • Property Law

    Counseling and providing legal assistance in negotiations and signing of the preliminary contract and the contract of sale, or real estate lease agreements; in procedures for obtaining necessary permits for the construction of real estate; in procedures related to registration of property rights, establishment of the right of pledge, realization of collateral, registration and removal of mortgage; preparation of reports and legal opinions regarding all institutes in the field of real estate law; procedures in which property is the subject of dispute.

  • Administrative Law

    We represent our clients in administrative proceedings before state bodies, local governments, institutions and other entities that exercise public powers in administrative matters. Also, we represent clients in court proceedings related to reviewing the legality of administrative or other individual acts, or in administrative proceedings before the Administrative Court of Montenegro and the courts of higher instance.

  • Protection of Human Rights & Freedoms

    We provide legal assistance in cases concerning the protection and promotion of human rights and fundamental freedoms, which are guaranteed by the Constitution of Montenegro and other applicable legislation and international agreements, as well as legal support before local and international courts to persons whose rights and freedoms were violated, paying special attention to marginalized groups of the population.

  • Bankruptcy Law

    We provide professional services in the field of bankruptcy law: preparation and submission of proposals to the bankruptcy proceedings, counseling and representing clients in bankruptcy proceedings, counseling clients in the the procedures of company reorganization, analysis of secured and unsecured debts, assisting clients when purchasing a debtor or its assets, etc. 

  • Intellectual Property

    General legal counseling in regard to the protection of intellectual property, legal assistance regarding the protection of trademarks, industrial designs and patents, applications for registration of intellectual property rights before the competent authorities, representation before the courts in disputes relating to the infringement of intellectual property rights etc.

  • Tax Law

    Services in the field of tax law for domestic and foreign individuals and legal entities: income tax, VAT, corporation tax, customs duties and property taxes. General tax counseling, tax planning, verifying the compliance of client’s business with the applicable tax legislation, help in administering taxes, representation and counseling in tax administrative and judicial proceedings.

  • Family & Inheritance Law

    Legal counseling and representation in divorce disputes, child support disputes, divorce with minor children in which the proceedings decide on entrusting the children to parents, disputes over the division of property acquired during the marriage; in proceedings related to the deprivation of parental rights or determination of maternity and paternity etc.

    Professional help in initiating inheritance proceedings and representation in inheritance court hearings, and in all phases of the inheritance proceedings.


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