Fake brands and product theft in Montenegro and in the Balkans are part of the everyday life, while in the EU it is considered to be a felony.

In countries with developed trade competition use of other person’s or company’s trademark or product recognition is most strictly forbidden.

Intellectual property includes copyright and industrial property, or patent, model, watermark andsymbol of the geographical origin of the product.

Right of each author of a design or patent is to have his/her product, use it, and to receive compensation in the event that some of his inventions are misused or use unauthorizedly.

Our team of lawyers specialized in intellectual property protection, and we have extensive experience in the registration and protection of intellectual property rights, including:

  • trademark
  • patent
  • external appearance of the product
  • design
  • geographical origin
  • copyright works

We offer and provide advisory and consultancy services relating to all aspects of intellectual property.

In addition we represent our clients before the local authority for protection of intellectual property and other state agencies in all the procedures for registration, protection, enforcement and defence of intellectual property rights.